High-Quality, Professional Photography with Personality!

High-Quality, Professional Photography with Personality!

High-Quality, Professional Photography with Personality!High-Quality, Professional Photography with Personality!High-Quality, Professional Photography with Personality!

We capture those perfect moments.

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The Oberstadts

Brian and Heidi Oberstadt discovered their passion for photography separately, but their professional development and artistic excitement grows together. After their marriage in early 2008, Photographic Memories, L.L.C. was born! The Oberstadts have a combined 29 years of photographic portrait experience.

These lovebirds work together, playing off the strengths of the other to provide a unique and meaningful experience for their clients!

Please contact The Oberstadts for more information; they look forward to meeting with you!

Heidi Oberstadt

Hi! I'm Heidi. I run most of the business and paperwork (and website!) side of things, so you'll mostly be corresponding with me throughout this process. Brian and I love adventure. We do a lot of traveling in our spare time!

I love running, kayaking, and ballroom dancing. I'm also an avid fly angler! Between photography and fly fishing, I've traveled all over the country. 

I'm also a hopeless romantic! I love hearing the stories of how our brides and grooms met and fell in love.

We have a son, little Teddy, and he is full of smiles.

Brian Oberstadt

Brian is a fantastic carpenter. When not working, he's remodeling our Northside home. He also loves fishing and zombie shows! Brian is the President of the Portage County Labor Council, and and active member of IBEW Local 388. He can frequently be found chasing Teddy and Abbie, our Jack Russell Terrier.

We can't wait to meet with you! Send us an email or submit the contact form, and we'll invite you over for a glass of wine or coffee.

What we do

Every session with The Oberstadts is different- their creative vision captures something special about every client and finds something beautiful in every surrounding. They are photographers because they love to tell stories with photos, and they'd love the opportunity to tell your story, too!

They specialize in wedding photography. It is so important- it is an investment. Other than your love for each other and your wedding bands, photos are the one thing you choose that will stand the test of time. Don't compromise on your memories of your big day! Their wedding packages start at $2,000.

Each wedding portrait session includes both photographers- this is imperative; Heidi visits the bride and her attendants during the morning hours, while Brian documents the gentlemen.

For events, this means two people to capture every detail, twice as many photos, and multiple locations and angles for every shot.

The Oberstadts feel it is important to know their clients, so they can gauge the exact desires for the portrait session. When their clients are the subject of several cameras, Brian and Heidi would like their clients to be incredibly comfortable and, ultimately, themselves! For this reason, they prefer to meet in person at least once prior to the photo shoot. Photographic Memories by The Oberstadts is based in Central Wisconsin, but they are available for destination weddings and weddings throughout the Midwest.

What do our clients say about us?

We love our job, and it shines through in our work. We are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people! Here are a few of the kind words that our clients have said about us.

"I am absolutely in awe at just how beautiful our wedding photos turned out. We literally just re-lived the entire day with huge smiles on our faces. Could feel the love and happiness coming out of every single photo. You did such an AMAZING job :) Thank you so much for your beautiful work!!"

"We only have the best things to say about Heidi and Brian! They are truly the best wedding photographers ever! They go above and beyond what a typical wedding photographer does to ensure your day is as beautiful as you feel! Plus, their enthusiastic and happy spirits are so contagious you can't help but smile around these two! I'm so happy to not only call them our wedding photographers, but also our friends. :) Thank you!!"

"First class, professional, and caring. That's all that needs to be said."

"Heidi and Brian are spectacular wedding photographers! They really go above and beyond and they are very experienced and trustworthy! Highly recommend!"

"When we booked Heidi and Brian for our wedding, we based our decision on their talent as well as their personalities. They are both charismatic and personable people. Seeing as we had never been married before, we weren't completely sure of our wants and needs in terms of photographs! They were extremely professional and used their knowledge of previous clients as well as the experience of their own wedding to make our memories perfect. They played off of our emotions and learned very quickly the kinds of photos we wanted. We met beforehand a couple of times as well as multiple email and phone conversations to keep each other updated with details and ideas. A lot of photographers cause a distraction during the ceremony, but Heidi and Brian managed to capture every detail (including those that we were too busy to notice ourselves) while staying invisible to the guests! We also had quite a few young children in the wedding and Heidi and Brian were very patient and creative with them. Thank you so much for providing us with a lifetime of memories!"

"I was a bridesmaid in one of my friend's weddings. Brian and Heidi did an excellent job of making everyone feel comfortable and were very professional. The pictures turned out beautiful as well. I am getting married next year and I have already booked them!"

"Heidi and Brian were so prompt and creative! Our photos were exactly what we wanted, and they were beautiful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants wonderful pictures from a wonderful photographer!"

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